About Us

Midwest Waste was founded in the office of a previous publicly traded garbage and recycling hauler after an intense corporate meeting involving the legal department and how the company was going to further price increase customers outside of the contracted terms and conditions. We knew then it was time for a change. We knew that our personalities and the work we were being asked to do wasn't something we were okay with, nor was it ethical. At the time of that corporate meeting Greg was Tyler's sales manager, they were sitting in Greg's office and after that meeting, they both took a look at each other and said, "This is crazy, there has to be a better way"
So, Midwest Waste was born.

Greg and Tyler are family members by marriage. Both of their wives are first cousins and being related to each other has been a blessing. Nothing is not spoken about, and feelings are always checked at the door.

From humble beginnings on the back of a garbage truck to being a Vice President of the 501c3, Greg Lower has helped hundreds of customers over the years. His reputation in the community is paramount to him and each interaction is handled with the same personable attitude as the next. His lengthy industry experience and can-do attitude has created a personality of the utmost character and integrity. Greg adores his family, his sports and helping others.

Tyler followed Greg's lead into the waste and recycling world. From cutting his teeth selling CutoCo knives and energy door to door to building a growing waste and recycling business in the Fox Valley, Tyler's competitive nature and will to succeed has proven to be a winning combination. Through his tell you like it is communication approach and constant work towards learning and doing more Tyler has built a reputation of always trying to do more with less. Tyler adores his family, his golf and helping others.

Both Greg and Tyler know there is a need in our community for honest, upfront and consistent business ethics. In the waste and recycling world, especially in the Chicagoland market, those character attributes have been forgotten. All too often we run into future customers who think WE are lying when we tell them what they probably should be paying and how they have not been treated fairly over the years. It is something we want to change.

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