Are You Paying Too Much for Waste Management Consulting Services?

Partner with a local business that serves Sugar Grove and Aurora, IL

Working with a corporation can be frustrating, especially if you can't reach a real person or get anyone to return your phone calls. Why not switch to a local business, where you could work directly with the owners of the company?

You won't be bound by a contract or get a bill with hidden fees At Midwest Waste Hauling Company. In fact, our goal is to save you money on waste management consulting services in Sugar Grove and Aurora, IL.

We offer competitive waste management pricing on...

  • Contaminated soil abatement and disposal
  • Demolition debris recycling
  • Environmental sustainability consulting, compliance and project management
  • EPA and IEPA compliance auditing and project management
  • Event waste disposal, recycling, reporting and project management
  • Front-load trash collection and recycling
  • Hazardous waste removal and disposal for over 100 substances
  • Large-scale cleanout and cleanup projects
  • LEED recycling, auditing and reporting

Call 630-800-8549 now to learn more.

You'll always get a quick response

We take pride in our rapid response times and personalized service. If you need assistance for any reason, you can expect our owner to contact you within 24 hours.

It's not the number of the check that matters - it's the number of checks

In other words, we'd prefer to keep our waste management pricing competitive and have more customers than raise our rates on a whim. Because we're locally owned and operated, our overhead costs are minimal and our output is high. And because our hauling partner program is growing month after month, we can continue offering attractive rates to customers across the country.

We won't raise your rates without your knowledge

We'll conduct a monthly billing audit to ensure that you haven't received a price increase outside of the contracted price increase schedule. We'll also conduct a quarterly contract audit to ensure that all cancelation dates and protocols are being met.

This guarantees that your contract will not renew at an increased rate without your approval.

What are you waiting for?

If you're tired of working with your current hauler, we have the industry experience required to help reduce your costs, improve your billing experience and earn your trust. Contact us today to request waste management consulting services in Sugar Grove or Aurora, IL.